Frequently Asked Questions

Is Troy Sunday your real name?

No, it's a pen name. By day, I work for a well-known investment firm.

Where are you?

I split time between Dallas and Los Angeles. I also have a sweet weekend home overlooking Lake Whitney, one of Texas' best recreational lakes.

Are you prolific?

In life, yes. I'm not a published author yet. I did take that neat railroad photo on my homepage, though.

What's your goal for this project?

My goal is to write a supremely enjoyable story about a path through life akin to the one Dierks Bentley describes in the song "Free and Easy". I'm drawing heavily from my experiences in 120+ countries, but setting the novel entirely in Texas. I have some gaps to fill in.

How can I help?

Talk to me. Everyone has unique insights. I'd love to hear from you, particularly if you're significantly younger or older than me, you grew up outside the US, or you have been through major trauma or experienced divine ecstasy.


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